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Pain Doctor
Doctors say it’s the most effective pain relief EVER!
The unique design allows its use on even previously hard-to-reach areas for a simple, fast and effective solution for all types of pain
A combination of 2 clinically proven therapies in 1 product all at the touch of a button for maximum relief
Adjust the intensity for a treatment tailor-made for your comfort and relief
Fully portable and battery powered
No leads, pads, straps or needles
Clinically tested class IIa CE certified medical device
Requires 2 AA batteries supplied. Comes complete with 60ml conductive gel for replacement conductive gel click here
How does Pain Doctor work?
Pain Doctor is a new, dual treatment pain relief product. It is a compact, battery powered and fully portable system that delivers 2 treatments for the management of pain. It’s unique dual treatment system comprises direct TENS frequencies with pulse rate and intensity adjustment controls to allow comfort levels to be individually selected. It also has a soothing massage mode. The TENS and massage therapies can be delivered individually or jointly. A conductive gel is supplied and can be used to intensify the TENS therapy. Pain Doctor’s design means it really is easy to use on any part of the body, even on those areas which are normally difficult to reach like the back shoulders and ankles. Treatment is effortless even for those with restricted movement.�
Pain Doctor has 2 interchangeable treatment heads; a small round cap for precise, accurate treatment of a particular area and a larger flat cap for general relief over a greater area. Both deliver powerful relief direct to the point of pain, without the use of leads, pads, straps or needles.
What is TENS?
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) has successfully been used for many years by medical professionals and patients worldwide as a form of drug free pain relief. Pain Doctor delivers small electrical pulses to the body when placed on the skin. The treatment penetrates deep into the affected area to deliver an effective pain therapy in the comfort of your home.�
Standard TENS treatment 
Pain Doctor
Requires leads with self adhesive pads on the end which must be stuck to the skin. Requires no leads or pads. Just place the device on the painful area.
Difficult to find the perfect spot for electrodes so pads must be moved around irritating skin. 
Easy to move over the skin to find the perfect spot for maximum pain relief.
To apply the pads you must be able to reach the area of pain which can be difficult with reduced mobility.
The design of the Pain Doctor allows you to reach areas that may previously have been difficult to reach e.g. the back or feet.
Attaching the electrodes and pads can be time consuming and delay treatment.
The Pain Doctor requires no set up and can be switched on and used immediately.

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