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PainSolv MkV is a natural, non-prescription nerve and muscle stimulator that is a battery-powered, hand-held device designed to apply an electromagnetic (EM) field to massage body deep tissues to help reduce pain . It is a CE-marked (CE 591626), ARTG-approved (ARTG217500) and has been independently designated by the GMDN Agency (GMDN Code 35169).

PainSolv employs pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy, which influences cell behaviour by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell wall membrane.

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy creates ionic migration of essential chemicals and proteins from cells into the bloodstream, by agitating the cell wall membranes, which subsequently encourages the release of neurochemicals, which occur naturally in the brain, into the bloodstream. These endorphins have powerful analgesic properties as do enkaphalins, an endorphin having opiate qualities, that occurs in the brain,

Pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy also helps enhance the cell utilisation process in the body which in turn stimulates improved blood circulation, blood oxygen content, cell growth and blood vessel formation.

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