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The X4000 does not ‘block’ pain signals to the brain via pain gateways.

Instead it reduces and removes pain and pain-induced stress levels,
and promotes wound healing processes

“The X4000 has been clinically proven to treat everything from arthritis, headaches, toothache, general joint pain, to sciatica (back pain affecting the lower half of the body). It works by delivering pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to the area of pain, which improves blood circulation and encourages/accelerates removal of pain-causing toxins. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated successfully with this technology however this is the first time the technology has ever been available in a portable hand held device.”
Dr Chris Steele – Resident medical expert for This Morning on ITV – Speaking on ITV January 2007

It works in concert with the body’s own bioelectromagnetic immune system

  • It agitates cell wall membranes which encourage the release of endorphins into the bloodstream
  • It also encourages the release of enkaphalins (a type of endorphin having opiate qualities that occur in the brain and spinal cord and elsewhere)
  • It stimulates pluripotent stem cell activity to accelerate scab formation and wound healing
  • The pulsed induction waves from the X4000 travel directly to the source-body cells
  • It is the only product that works unhindered through hydrogel and specialist dressings
  • The patented, programmed software algorhythmns are only present in the X4000
  • The X4000 is the only device that generates up to 28 Gauss pulsed induction wave emissions in a controlled and timed progression
  • It does not contain magnets
  • It is non-invasive
  • It increases oxygen content of the blood and functional supply to the body’s cells and tissues will be greatly enhanced
  • The X4000 also stimulates improved blood circulation as well as oxygen and carbon monoxide diffusion which will reduce friction and flow resistance in narrow capillaries
  • Cell membrane potential will be normalised and this increased efficiency will release calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane, resulting in unbound calcium flowing into the cell core which triggers many metabolic reactions
  • Macrophages (tissue cells, functioning as protection against infections) will be activated and therefore the immunological system will be strengthened
  • Cytogenesis (structure, function, and multiplication of the cells) is also stimulated.
  • The modalities the X4000 employs are all proven and do not rely on pain gateway blocking in any way .

What medical professionals say

“Having worked for several years in the field of electronics research and development into medical devices in conjunction with major manufacturers and academic institutions, I have a broad reaching experience of many products that purport to deliver relief from pain conditions. The X4000 is the first I have witnessed that delivers a combination of innovative technology and proven medical modalities. I believe that the device will revolutionise self-care pain management.”
James Bonner, MSc Itronik, Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland

“I am now using the X4000 – a biofeedback wave therapy device – which is very simple to use. With this device, I have seen helpful and promising results in a range of conditions, including: muscle-skeletal pains, small joint pains (especially where close to the skin surface), cervical nerve roots pains, ligamentous pain, acute muscle injury and skin wounds. My plea is for you to make the X4000 available to my patients and the general public as soon as can be.”
Dr I Leith MB, BS (University of London)

What pain sufferers say

Since using the X4000, for severe wrist and back pain, following pregnancy, I have experienced a good degree of pain relief in a relatively short space of time.  Other members of my family have found it equally effective. 
Mrs C Woodruffe, London.

 The X4000 worked amazingly on my hip which had “sieved up” after a major operation on my foot.  I loaned it to my 92 year old mother who has had chronic back pain and she describes it as marvellous.  Here’s my order for another one for me! 
D. Jones, Worcester.

I would just like to tell you how much the X4000 has helped me with my arthritis.  I no longer have to take my medication and can take longer walks.  It has also helped with a toothache I had persistently.  It has also helped when I knocked my leg it was quite painful, I put the PainWave on it and the pain almost went straight away.  I also feel better in my self with more energy.  I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both arms and waiting for an operation.  PainWave has definitely helped but not cured, I’m not wearing the splint of a night time and my arms don’t feel so weak, tingling, numb and painful. Many thanks with sincerity. 
Mrs Steele, Folkestone



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