PaleoBar Vanilla Almond Case (18 bars)




Micronutrient dense bar with omega-3’s, Phosphatidyl Choline and L-Glutamine

PaleoBar Vanilla Almond is a great tasting, micronutrient dense snack that can be very beneficial in the implementation of a successful low-carbohydrate eating plan, with only 2  net carbs per bar!

PaleoBar Vanilla Almond rich is in omega-3 and coconut oils, and contains phosphatidylcholine and glutamine. It is made with exceptional quality whey protein rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, and is uniquely formulated with beneficial fats from almonds, almond butter, and coconut oil.

All PaleoBars contain no:

  • Gluten
  • Hydrogenated or trans fats
  • Simple sugars, i.e. sucrose, fructose, glucose or concentrated fruit sweeteners
  • Wheat, corn, or soy protein

and, are Kosher certified.

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