Paradox Oil Omega 3/6/9 60 Capsules


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Paradox Oil Omega 3/6/9 60 Capsules

PARADOX is a totally new concept in stabilised Omega oils blending together the purest Omega fatty acids with powerful natural fat soluble antioxidants. Unlike other marine based Omega supplements Paradox blends together the highly researched health benefits of the Eskimo and Mediterranean Diets and then protects this with a unique system found in nature itself.

So many of you asked about Paradox in capsules, and as promised, we are delighted to let you know that we have now made Paradox available in gel capsules. These easy to take high quality capsules each contain 1000 mg of Paradox high strength Omega supplement packed with our powerful antioxidants.

Each Box contains 60 Capsules

This Unique Paradox system for protecting these incredibly fragile Omegas was researched and developed by one of Ireland’s leading Osteopaths- Dr Geoff Hayhurst- who saw his own patients were getting no benefits from many poor quality oxidized Omega oils or highly concentrated Omega supplements which extracted many of the good fatty acids and left highly unstable and unbalanced oils.

Paradox uses only Natural fish oils of the highest quality sourced from the deepest Oceans of the Arctic and South Pacific. The Omegas are purified using a unique patented filtration process at lower temperatures and are then blended with Paradox’s specially sourced cold pressed olives, pure organic lemon oils, and polyphenol antioxidants in a whole and natural form. The result is an oil that is much more stable and remains fresher than many Omega fish oils found on the market today making it a stronger, better, smarter source of Omega 3,6&9. ( And it doesn’t taste of Fish)

Equal amounts of EPA and DHA ensure a totally balanced Omega supplement with the additional health benefits of these powerful polyphenol antioxidants boosting the immune system as well as protecting the omegas. Paradox has rapidly established itself as one of the leading Omega products in Ireland. Now available in the UK

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