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Pascoe Aronia 30 caps

Aronia, sometimes called black chokeberry, is a small deciduous shrub with violet-black berries that is native to many parts of Europe and the United States. The aronia berry is among the foodstuffs with the highest anthocyan content.

Aronia berries contain 20 times more anthocyans than raspberries. Their high anthocyan content makes aronia berries such a particularly effective immune system health booster.

To protect your body from accumulating reactive oxygen species and to boost your defenses, it is essential to supply enough antioxidants in your daily diet, especially when you feel a cold coming on. Busy people like you cannot always manage to eat enough fresh fruit and veg (5 times a day). Why not take a powerful nutriceutical to supplement the antioxidants you need?

This is why we have developed ARONIA-PASCOE�. Each ARONIA-PASCOE� capsule contains the concentrated antioxidative power of aronia berries to provide you with enough antioxidants to reliably protect your body against harmful reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. This will boost your defenses and help your body fend off pathogens and disease.


How many ARONIA-PASCOE� capsules should I take each day?

We recommend taking 2 ARONIA-PASCOE� capsules twice daily. The capsules should be swallowed whole with sufficient liquid.

Should ARONIA-PASCOE� be taken before or after meals?

ARONIA-PASCOE� can be taken before, during or after meals, but it is important to swallow the capsules whole with sufficient liquid.

Does ARONIA-PASCOE� replace a flu shot?

Aronia can boost your defenses, but ARONIA-PASCOE� cannot replace a flu shot you may need.

Is there a limit on the duration of treatment with ARONIA-PASCOE�?

There is no limit on the time you may take ARONIA-PASCOE�. ARONIA-PASCOE� can be taken as long as needed.



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