Pascoe BOTANOVA(neurapas balance) 100 tabs


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Pascoe BOTANOVA 100 tabs

BOTANOVA is a traditional Herbal Medicinal Product used to relieve: slightly low mood and mild anxiety and sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety based on traditional use only.

St. Johns Wort extract 60 mg

Passion flower extract 32 mg

Valerian extract 28 mg

Natural, active principles from herbs have traditionally played an important role in the relief of low mood, listlessness and sleep disturbances. A natural, plant-based combination, BOTANOVA is particularly suitable with a combination of Valerian, Passion Flower and St JohnWort. These three medicinal plants complement and mutually enhance one another in their effect.

Fast & Relaible Results
Natural Ingredients
Very High Tolerability
No Withdrawal Process
Traditional Herbal remedy
The unique triple-combination in BOTANOVA provides support to quickly leave the blues behind you. Restore your normal life, in a completely natural way.

Valerian reduces inner restlessness. The roots of the medicinal plant relieve tension states and improve both actually falling asleep and the sleep quality and thus the general mood. The effect takes place very quickly.

Passion flower acts mildly sedating and regulating. It reduces excitability, lifts inner tension and anxiety and relaxes. The effect becomes noticeable after approximately one week. In addition, passion flower supports the effect of St. Johns wort.

St. Johns wort has a balancing action and is used traditionally for the treatment of fl uctuating mood due to mental stress. St. Johns wort strengthens the nerves and increases nervous stability. The effect sets in after approximately two to three weeks.

May 2008: Fourth company granted a traditional herbal registration.
PASCOE PHARMAZEUTISCHE PRAPARATE GMBH has become the fourth company to be granted a registration for a herbal medicinal product under the Traditional Herbal Registration Scheme. Their product Botanova is a film-coated tablet containing dry extracts of St John’s Wort herb, Valerian Root and Passion Flower Herb which have been traditionally used to relieve slightly low mood and mild anxiety and sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety.

Q: What can I do if Im often nervous and restless?

A: Unwind! Take a time out once or twice a week and get physical. Make a point of taking time off for yourself and allow nothing to get in your way.

Q: Sometimes I feel tired and weary and cant seem to cope even with the simplest tasks of daily living. What can I do?

A: Make a point of not putting yourself under pressure. Openly address the problems that are bothering you. Separate your job from your private life. Take time and review your daily routine. Are you a morning person or rather a night person? Try to structure your day accordingly. Take your mind off pressing tasks and find out how you can relax and what you enjoy doing. Take breaks in your day to recharge your batteries. Set reasonable and achievable objectives for the day. If this is not enough, get professional help.

Q: Should I exercise to help me from feeling like this?

A: Treat yourself to regular exercise in the fresh air. Just a half-hour walk every day (best taken in the daylight) has a balancing effect and is good for body and soul.

Other useful Hints & Tips.

Ensure you have a regular daily routine. Always get up in the morning at the same time, even if you do not have any obligations to fulfi l. Do not retire to bed during the day.
Eat regularly  the best diet being vitamin-rich, fibre and mineral-rich fare. Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, nicotine or coffee.
Always go to bed as far as possible at the same time. Avoid caffeine, heavy meals and excitement, e.g. suspenseful TV films, before bedtime.
Look for the right balance between activity and relaxation which suits you best.
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