Pau d'Arco (Lapacho) 2500mg 60 vegicaps


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Pau d’Arco (Lapacho) 2500mg 60 vegicaps

5x concentrated extract of pure Brazilian Lapacho tree bark – 60x 2500mg vegicaps

Of all the herbs used by the ancient Incas, Lapacho was one of the mainstays. Also called pau d’arco, ipe roxo or taheebo, lapacho is a rainforest medicine made from the inner bark of the large native South American tree known as Tabebuia.

Throughout South America indigenous tribes have drunk tea made from the shredded inner bark to boost the effectiveness of the body’s own immune defence mechanisms. They have also used this traditional remedy for centuries in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, infections and some forms of cancer.

As far back as 1882, one of lapacho’s constituents was isolated and identified as lapachol, an anti-microbial and potentially tumour-fighting chemical. Today, scientific evidence shows that extracts of lapacho, more potent than refined versions, offer effective protection against a wide range of bacterial and fungal organisms, including Candida albicans, which causes Thrush.

Rainforest Indians have always valued lapacho as powerful medicine for strengthening immunity and to protect them against gut parasites. In many parts of the world, physicians are recognising it as an aid to patients with immune-deficiency illnesses.

For ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr and Tired All The Time Syndrome, lapacho can be a great aid to recovery due to its positive effects on the immune system.

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