PD2 Chewable Digestive Aid


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PD2 Chewable Digestive Aid 25 tablets

PD2 is a new dual action digestive aid.  It is based on 
research from Holland that has shown that a combination 
of calcium carbonate with a specifically formulated blend 
of digestive enzymes can help support the digestion of 
food across a broad range of acidity in the stomach and 
the intestines.

The active 
ingredients in PD2 
Calcium carbonate, 
protease (from aspergillus 
oryzae), amylase, 
glucoamylase, protease 
(from aspergillus niger), 
invertase, lipase, malt 
diastase, protease (from 
bacillus subtilis).
Other ingredients:
Fructose, natural colours 
and flavours (cherry flavour, 
raspberry flavour, beet 
powder) maltodextrin, 
magnesium stearate.

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