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Keep your pets feeling relaxed and comforted with Calm, a unique formula specifically created for cats and dogs. Created in a powder form that can be mixed into food for easy consumption, Calm can help relieve your pet’s anxiety during thunder storms, when in the car or on Bonfire Night. Natural ingredients include theanine, tryptophan and magnesium which work in harmony to reduce feelings of stress and promote a relaxed, calm disposition.


Suitable for all cat and dog breeds.

Take twice a day, sprinkle over or mix into food. For fussy eaters can be mixed with your pet’s favourite treat. Take when needed. Can also be taken on a long term basis.

Cats and very small dogs up to 5kg ½ tsp twice a day 90 servings

Small dogs 6 – 15kg ½ tsp twice a day 90 servings

Medium dogs 16 – 30kg 1 tsp twice a day 45 servings

Large dogs 31 – 45kg 1½ tsp twice a day 30 servings

Very large dogs over 45kg 2 tsp twice a day 22 servings

1 level teaspoon (3g) typically provides:

Magnesium 35mg L-theanine 50mg L-tryptophan 110mg

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