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If you need more energy, if you are striving for better health, Young pHorever pH Miracle Greens is a potent way to help your body get exactly what it needs.
With over twenty years of research and clinical work, Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young have aided the treating of thousands of people, helping them create their own pH Miracle by treating with the alkaline diet and lifestyle they have developed. This alkalizing diet, lifestyle, and scientific approach has come to be known as The New Biology, based on extensive nutritional microbiological work.
And not only is its health benefits superior to other greens drink products, but it is the best tasting. It’s mild, not bitter, and subtle in flavor.

Everyone knows greens are good for you. Besides the inherent nutritional value, natural vitamins and minerals, that are in the green foods used to produced our green drink powder, one of the main keys to its quality is the fact that it’s green – it’s chlorophyll rich.

beta carotene, kamut grass, tomato, lemon grass, wheat grass, dandelion leaf, plantain leaf, blueberry leaf, cranberry leaf, marshmallow root, white willow bark, meadowsweet, oat grass, kale leaf, okra (Hibiscus esculentus), celery, broccoli sprout, alfalfa leaf, alfalfa sprout, spearmint leaf, sage leaf, rosemary leaf, barley grass, cauliflower sprout, shave grass, daikon sprout, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf, couch grass, slippery elm bark, sunflower sprout, Rosehips (Rosa canina) fruit, soy sporuts, spinach, cabbage, parsley leaf, watercress, peppermint leaf, beet juice, carrot juice, wintergreen leaf, thyme leaf.

We do not add any sweeteners and ours still taste better than the other greens products out there. 

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