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Pharma Nord B-Slenda FiberPrecise Tablets
FiberPrecise is an excellent tool for reducing the impact of fat in your diet. The special fibres in Fiberprecise are not absorbed by the body and have an unsurpassed ability to bind fat.
B-Slenda is suitable for
Reducing obesity as part of a calorie-controlled diet
Controlling weight alongside fat-standardised food and drink diet
Reducing absorption of cholesterol from your food and drink
How to take B-Slenda
Taken with a large glass of water the active ingredients in B-Slenda swells up in the intestine and absorb fat from the food present. The mass of fiber and fat are not digested, but is slightly satiating.
You can enhance the effect of B-Slenda by moving around regularly and eating a balanced diet with fewer calories and less sugar.
How much B-Slenda  should you take?
Take B-Slenda with one or two main courses a day as part of a calorie-restricted diet:
To keep your weight stable: Take 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before one main course of the day with a large glass of water (250 ml)
If you want to loose weight: Take 2-3 tablets daily 30 minutes before or at the beginning of two main courses of the day with a large glass of water (250 ml)
Each tablet of Pharma-Nord B-Slanda contains 500 mg of FibrePrecise. Pharma Nord recommends 2 to 6 tablets daily depending on the purpose. B Slenda is manufactured in Denmark in accordance with ISO 13485.
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