Pharma Nord Bio-Active Q10 Ubiquinol 30mg

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Pharma Nord Bio-Active Q10 Ubiquinol 30mg

BioActive Q10 is a new product containing coenzyme Q10 in the reduced form, ubiquinol. Coenzyme Q10 occurs within the body in two closely related chemical forms, oxidised (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol). Until recently, coenzyme Q10 supplements were only available in the oxidised form as ubiquinone.

What does BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol do?

Most people are able to absorb supplemental coenzyme Q10 in the oxidised ubiquinone form. However, certain categories of people may be less able to absorb this form of coenzyme Q10. These include the elderly, as well as people with liver disease, pancreatic disease, digestive disorders such as IBS, and following digestive tract surgery. For such categories of people, coenzyme Q10 is more easily absorbed in the reduced ubiquinol form, as BioActive Q10.

There is evidence that dietary coenzyme Q10 must be reduced to ubiquinol within intestinal enterocytes prior to release into the lymphatic system, and that this may represent a rate-limiting step for coenzyme Q10 assimilation. Dietary coenzyme Q10 supplements containing ubiquinol avoid the necessity for this coupled absorption/reduction step, which may explain their increased bioavailability. Comparison of corresponding dose/plasma levels from several studies indicates the bioavailability of ubiquinol to be several-fold greater than that for ubiquinone.

About Pharma Nord  BioActive Q10

Ubiquinol is extremely sensitive to the effects of air and light. BioActive Q10 contains ubiquinol in a stabilised form, using specially developed lightproof and air-proof packaging to prevent oxidation via a unique patented process. Pharma Nord is therefore able to guarantee the stability of this product during the whole of the product shelf life.

Like all Pharma Nord products, BioActive Q10 is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, a guarantee of product quality, safety and efficacy. The production of Pharma Nord Q10 products is guaranteed to be nanotechnology-free. The World Health Organisation, The European Commission and the Soil Association have all expressed caution about the application of nanotechnology to foods. Pharma Nord Q10 products are the best documented in terms of bioavailability in human subjects.

BioActive Q10 Ubiquinol is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control. The preparation is blister packed for maximum bio-availability.

Are there any adverse effects from taking BioActive Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 is generally well tolerated, with no serious adverse effects reported in long term use. There are no known toxic effects, and coenzyme Q10 cannot be overdosed. Coenzyme Q10 is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, in whom the effects have not been specifically studied.

The safety of ubiquinol has been demonstrated in a clinical study reported by Hosoe et al (2007): Study on the safety and bioavailability of ubiquinol after single and 4-week multiple oral administration to healthy volunteers. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol; 47(1): 19-28.

How much should you take?

The recommended daily intake for BioActive Q10 is 1-3 capsules per day, or as directed by a physician. Preferably taken in split doses and best taken with food to enhance absorption.

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