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Pharma nord Bio-Selenium & Zinc 360 tabs

Bio-Selenium + Zinc is a combination supplement containing selenium, together with vitamins B6, C and E, as well as the mineral zinc.

Selenium is an essential trace element of fundamental importance to human health. People at risk of selenium deficiency include those with a restricted food intake (slimmers, vegetarians, the elderly), pregnant and lactating women, and those living in geographical regions with selenium depleted soils. It is recognized that soils in many areas of the world, including the UK, are deficient in selenium, often as a result of continual or intensive farming. This deficiency is manifest upwards through the food chain via plants and animals, culminating in man. In Scandinavian countries, selenium is added to agricultural fertilizers to increase depleted soil selenium levels, resulting in an increase in population average selenium intake from 30 to 90 microgram/day.

Dietary selenium always occurs in an organic form (i.e. bound to an amino acid such as methionine or cysteine), whereas selenium in supplements may be organic or inorganic in form. The absorption of organic selenium (selenomethionine, selenocysteine) is generally more efficient than for inorganic selenium (e.g. sodium selenite), and the absorption of organic forms of selenium is not reduced by concurrent intake of vitamin C. Selenium levels are depleted by smoking or drinking alcohol.

What does Bio-Selenium + Zinc do?

Because antioxidants work in a synergistic manner, zinc and the antioxidant vitamins present in this product provide mutual support to the action of selenium in protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are generated continually within the body via normal metabolism, as well as by exposure to toxins in the external environment.

Bio-Selenium + Zinc helps to maintain a healthy immune system, normal thyroid function, normal sperm production and healthy skin and hair.

About Pharma Nord  Bio-Selenium + Zinc

Each tablet of Bio-Selenium+ Zinc contains (Recommended Daily Allowance in parenthesis): 100mcg selenium (200%); 90mg vitamin C (150%); 15mg vitamin E (150%); 1.6 mg Vitamin B6 (80%); 15mg zinc (100%).

Bio-Selenium+Zinc is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control. The preparation is blister packed for maximum bio-availability.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Are there any adverse effects from taking Bio-Selenium + Zinc

Toxic effects due to excessive selenium intake occur at doses greater than 900 mcg/day.

How much should you take?

Pharma Nord recommends 1-2 tablets per day, or as directed by a physician. To be taken with food.

The Government recommended intake for selenium is 55 microgm/day for women and 70 microgm/day for men. The average intake of selenium in the UK was estimated by MAFF in 1994 to be approximately 31 microgm/day. A reduction in selenium intake within the UK population resulted from decreased imports of selenium rich wheat from the USA and Canada. Most experts now agree that the optimum dosage for long term use of selenium supplements should be between 100 to 400 microgm/day, and up to 600 microgm/day for restricted periods (e.g. during infection). The effects of selenium are enhanced by also taking vitamin E supplements (400 IU/day).

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