Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil 60 CAPS


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Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn Oil 60 CAPS
Pharma Nord’s Omega 7 is derived from the Sea buckthorn berry. Unsaturated fatty acids from all the important omega series are present, such as Omega 3,6,7,and 9. Sea buckthorn oil is naturally rich in tocopherols and carotenoids, which protects the unsaturated fatty acids. Also present are the essential fatty acids Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA is transformed into EPA – eicosapentanoic acid and DHA – docosahecsanoic acid) and Linoleic acid (which is transformed in to Gamma Linoleic acid).
The wealth of such a variety of essential and omega fatty acids in such a product provides a vast array of benefits. In nature it is unusual to achieve such a high concentration of omega 7. Research has shown that the fatty acids in Sea buckthorn oil enhances the regeneration of mucus membranes. When mucus membranes are not maintained properly, the likely hood of poor wound healing and infections increase. Mucus membranes are present through out the body, in the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems and they also make up large parts of the urinary tract.
Omega-7 fatty acids help to prevent vaginal dryness in menopausal women
Omega-7 fatty acids promote normal immune function, and inhibit the development of inflammatory disorders.
Sea buckthorn oil (from seeds and soft parts, manufactured by supercritical CO2 extraction) 72%, capsule shell (modified maize starch E1440, glycerol E422, gelling agent: carrageenan E407, acidity regulator: disocium phosphate E339, colours: iron oxide E172, titanium dioxide E171).
Two Sea Buckthorn capsules twice a day with food and drink during the first two months, one capsule twice a day thereafter.
Who should take Omega 7?
Women during the menopause who suffer from those symptoms of dryness which may not have affected them before. Vegetarians who do not get a good level of omega 3 fatty acids in their diet may also benefit. People who suffer from dry respiratory tract may also benefit from taking this product.
It is recommended that you take 2 tablets twice per day for the first 2 months and 1 tablet twice per day from then on wards.
Research into omega 7 is relatively new and hence the only product on the market is Pharma Nord’s Omega 7. As with all our products, Omega 7 is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. There are no contraindications for this product.

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