PharmacoNutrition Claricell PerformX 20’s


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PharmacoNutrition Claricell PerformX 20’s

Claricell® PerformX is a nutritional supplement formulated to keep your immune system primed and activated during periods where the body is under additional stress. The high dose of Vitamin C – in combination with Wellmune®, selenium, zinc and Vitamin D – provides an extra boost to your body.

This tasty grapefruit & lemon flavoured active nutrition product is targeting those adults, seniors and sportspeople who wish to take extra care of their immune system.

Claricell® PerformX modulates and re-balances the immune system by creating two important effects:

– Increases the resistance to infection

Wellmune® is protected by 40+ patents and supported by 13 human clinical studies – several of which have been done using sportspeople.

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