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Pharmacure Nozohaem

Nozohaem is a unique, gel treatment for nosebleeds that stops the bleeding in moments. It is safe, simple and quick to self-administer. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel may be left in the nostril to clear away naturally or it may be gently blown out into a tissue.

The active substance in Nozohaem is glycine, an amino acid produced by the body and used in the
production of proteins. Proteins that use a great deal of glycine in their production process include
collagen or connective tissue. Collagen plays an important part in enabling the blood platelets to
function effectively and reduce bleeding.
Nozohaem also includes calcium, another substance that can be found all over the body and in theblood. Calcium facilitates the formation of blood coagulants.
Nozohaem contains no preservative
How to use Nozohaem
 Blow your nose well to remove any blood.
Insert the tip of the Nozohaem tube into one nostril, about 1-1.5 cm, and start
pressing the gel out of the tube. At the same time, hold the thumb and index
finger on your other hand over the wing of your nose to fix the pipette in place.
 Continue pressing the tube so that all the gel enters your nostril. If your
nosebleed is not heavy, one tube is sufficient. If the nosebleed is heavy,
one or two tubes may be needed. 
 Continue to apply the gel until the bleeding stops. Stop when the gel starts running
down into your throat. Wipe off any gel that runs onto your upper lip.
 The gel should be left in your nose for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can blow it out carefully,
if you so wish. If you do not blow out the gel, it will be transported backwards by the nasal cilia
and you will then swallow it after a few hours.
 If the bleeding does not stop after 30 minutes, you should consult a doctor.
Size4 x 5ml tubes

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