portable anti-mosquito protector


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portable anti-mosquito protector
A device to help protect from mosquitoes without sprays, lotions or potions. Emits ultrasonic frequencies that cannot be heard by humans, but drives mosquitoes away. Can be worn on wrist, clipped to clothing or left on beside during night. Includes battery.
The Mosquito Repeller device can be clipped onto clothing or attached to the strap provided and worn like a watch around the wrist, or around the ankle. The device itself can also be placed on a flat surface such as a table and on its highest setting provide protection for all those sat around the table.
Once the button on the device is pressed, it will emit the ultrasonic frequencies for 8 hours and then turn itself off. There are 4 settings which can be changed by pushing the button on the device. The lowest setting offers protection for one individual and the highest setting gives a range of about 1.5 metres of protection.
product highlights
Fragrance free and no chemicals
Scientifically proven and CE marked
For indoor or outdoor use
battery powered – 500 hours of mosquito protection

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