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PowerFruit Montmorency Cherry Liquid
Our 100% Montmorency Cherry, including the skin and pulp, liquid supplement is a highly effective source of natural antioxidants and minerals. Only the finest Montmorency Cherries are used in our patented process to create an easy on the stomach, highly condensed natural fruit supplement bursting with antioxidants.
By using the skin and pulp of dark-skinned super fruit and no preservatives or fillers, our products capture an extraordinary high level of natural antioxidants and goodness.
A process unmatched in the world market!
� 100% natural made from dark-skinned super fruits that have exceptional nutritional quality with NO preservatives, fillers or additives
� Our patent process captures almost all the antioxidants in a highly condensed bio-available form
� The WHOLE fruit goes into our supplements including the skin and pulp, where the majority of antioxidants reside; compared to ordinary fruit concentrate liquids that consist of pressed and dried fruit
� 296ml Glass Bottles (glass used to remove impurities)�Two months supply
One teaspoon serving per day added to a glass of water, smoothie, juice, etc (two teaspoons optional)
One teaspoon = the Anthocyanin (Antioxidant) power of 4 glasses (32oz) of tart cherry juice
No preservatives, fillers or colourings
Two months supply per bottle
1 teaspoon serving per day mixed with water, smoothies, added to recipes, etc (We suggest 2 per day for the first month)
Suitable for vegetarians
Shelf stable
Great taste!
Size 296 ml�

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