Precious Protechtor Anti Bacterial Pink Sleepsuit

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Precious Protechtor Anti Bacterial Pink Sleepsuit

This cosy babygro is perfect for little bodies as the fully opening design with easy popper fastening means no pulling over tiny heads and fragile necks. The unique brushed fabric is soft and gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin and the integrated feet along with the tag-free neckline add to your baby’s comfort.

Precious Protechtor Fabric
The fabric which is used to make all Precious Protechtor products uses advanced nano-technology to reduce silver into ions and then impregnate it permanently throughout the material.

The silver ions then act as an antibacterial barrier killing germs within 60 minutes including superbugs such as the highly tolerant MRSA. They also help to maintain freshness in garments by eliminating odour causing bacteria.

Perfect for:

  • hospital and at home
  • wearing whilst being held by visitors
  • comfortable for playtime and cosy for sleep time
  • compliments the Precious Protechtor range

Product details:

  • easy popper fastening
  • tag-free neckline
  • integrated feet
  • antibacterial
  • thermo-regulating
  • super soft brushed fabric
  • 100% nano-impregnated tricot polyester
  • 3 colours available:

Do I need to use any special fabric powders on my Precious Protechtor garments?
No, keep using the powder that you normally use.

Do I need to use fabric softener?
It is not necessary as the garments are very soft anyway, however if you normally use it, it is perfectly safe to do so.

Can I put the Precious Protechtor garments in the washing machine with other clothes?
Yes, as long as the other clothes have the same washing instructions.

How long will the garments take to dry?
They will be air dry in a couple of hours but can be put in the tumble dryer at a delicate setting.

Will the Precious Protechtor garments lose their antibacterial properties?
The fabric has been extensively tested up to 150 washes and showed no decrease in its antibacterial properties therefore it is described as almost permanent.

Is silver safe for my baby to wear?
Precious Protechtor is made with pure silver which is a naturally occurring element. There are no chemicals and no fear of toxicity. Silver is one of the safest substances to babies and has no side effects.

I’m allergic to silver? Could my baby be allergic to silver?

Some people are allergic to silver jewellery so make the assumption that they might be allergic to silver. In actual fact, silver jewellery is made of an alloy called "sterling silver" and people are allergic to the various other metals in its makeup.  Precious Protechtor is made with pure silver and there have been no documented cases of allergies to pure silver.

What bacteria can the Precious Protechtor garments help reduce the risk of?

The Precious Protechtor garments can help reduce the risk of catching Staphylococcus Aureus including MRSA, E Coli and Klebsiella Pneumonia

 I notice your range only goes up to three months, will there be a range for older children?
The Precious Protechtor range has been manufactured with premature and newborn babies in mind initially.  This is because this age group is very vulnerable and susceptible to infection.  Baby Pink or Blue are expanding their range up to six months old and it will be coming soon.

Will the Precious Protechtor range leave me with a happier and healthier baby?
Absolutely yes, the garments are antibacterial therefore helping to reduce the risk of your baby catching an infection and the garments are as soft as cotton resulting in healthier, happier babies.

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