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Pregnacare His & Hers 60 Tablets
is an extra value dual pack containing Pregnacare Conception and Wellman Conception tablets specifically designed to support men and women who are trying for a baby and concerned about their fertility. Pregnacare and Wellman are respectively the UK’s number one pregnancy and men’s supplements.
Key Nutrients Include:
Folic Acid – Pregnacare Conception provides 400mcg folic acid, (the exact level recommended by the UK Department of Health for all women who are trying to conceive). As well as the healthy development of the foetal neural tube, folic acid may also play a role in conception, and is required in the first days and weeks of life, before you are even aware that you are pregnant.
Inositol – May help support ovarian function and influence fertility. It is involved in the cell signalling pathway which influences fertilization and cell growth.
L-Arginine – Well known as a precursor in nitric oxide (NO) metabolism, L-arginine can influence release of the egg from the ovaries (follicular release) as well as healthy follicular blood flow and implantation.
N-acetyl cysteine – A precursor of glutathione, an important antioxidant in the body. N-acetyl cysteine is also important for healthy cervical secretions.
Vitamin B12 – Part of the B complex group of vitamins, it has been found that B12 supplementation can help to maintain healthy ovarian function and reproductive health.
Essential trace minerals – Pregnacare Conception also combines specific minerals which can help support reproductive health and the early stages of foetal development. These include zinc, iron and magnesium which are of particular importance from the very first moment of conception, for neural tube development and cell division.
Wellman Conception tablets for men
For men: It is now known that folic acid is not only essential for women who are planning a baby, but men too. As well as folic acid, Wellman Conception provides a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which have been specifically chosen for their role in male reproductive function and health. 
Key Nutrients Include:
Peruvian MACA Extract – Sourced from the Peruvian herbaceous plant, this organic source Maca contains important nutrients including amino acids and fatty acids, which are essential for male reproductive health.
Co-Enzyme Q10 – Acts as an antioxidant and energy-releasing agent and is thought to stabilize the integrity of the sperm flagella (tail of the sperm). 
Folic Acid – Studies suggest that supplementation of folic acid along with zinc supports sperm health.
Lycopene – Highly regarded for its exceptional antioxidant properties, nutritional studies have shown intake of lycopene is directly linked to prostate health.
Siberian Ginseng Extract – Widely used to help maintain overall male vitality.
Pine Bark Extract ( 95% Proanthocyanidins ) – Highly effective antioxidants which may play a role in protecting sperm. Free radicals (responsible for oxidative cell damage) are said to be responsible for 40 percent of sperm damage.

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