Pregnancy Pack 28 Day Supply


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The G&G Pregnancy Pack contains a selection of carefully selected vitamin and mineral supplements to aid in foetal development and to maintain the ideal balance of nutrients for an expectant mother. It is ideal for taking when trying to conceive, and throughout pregnancy.

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Take one sachet daily, with a main meal, or as directed by a professional.


1 x GA602 Beta-carotene (natural), 1 x GA049 B Complex 50mg, 1 x GA671 Vitamin E 400iu, 1 x GA053 Vitamin C complex 500mg, 2 x GA702 Cal-M capsules, 1 x GA717 Multi Mineral, 1 x GA043 D3 1000iu, 1 x GA619 Folic Acid<div><br></div><div>FOR NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR THESE PRODUCTS PLEASE CHECK THE INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS USING THE CODES IN BRACKETS</div>


Beta-carotene should not be taken by heavy smokers.
Long term intake of 50mg of B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness.
Long term intake of 2mg of manganese may lead to muscle pain and fatigue.


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