Premium Power Greens Powder 100g


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Combining all the healthy goodness of three nutrient-rich vegetables plus two protein-packed algae, plus two vitamin and mineral-stacked cereal grasses. It all adds up to a nutritional powerhouse to help you stay on the go and combat fatigue.

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Take one teaspoon (5g) daily. Mix with water, juice or protein shakes; add to porridge or yoghurt


Spirulina* (33.3%), <b>Wheat grass</b> juice powder* (20%), <b>Barley grass</b> juice powder* (20%), Brassica blend* (16.5%) (powdered Broccoli, White cabbage & Kale), Chlorella* (10%). * Certified Organic.  <b>Contains naturally occurring sulphites</b>.

Storage Instructions

Once opened, use within three months


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