Prescript-Assist Gastrointestinal Support 60’s


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29 different strains of beneficial microflora, coupled with a proprietary prebiotic (Leonardite) provide for robust maintenance/enhancement of gut microflora.

Unlike most friendly bacteria products that incorporate easily degradable lactic-acid-based micro-organisms, the utilization of Soil-Based Organisms in Prescript-Assist provides for a pH-resistant (able to survive a trip through the stomach) and shelf-stable (does not need refrigeration) product.


Prescript-Assist™ contains a Colony Forming Unit (CFU) count of 145 million per capsule. This figure is not comparable to CFUs in lacto- and bifido-based products, where large numbers (billions) are used to try to rectify the massive loss (99 percent +) during manufacturing, storage, and via stomach acid degradation. Soil-based organisms, such as Prescript-Assist™, are a totally different class of prebiotic and gut friendly bacteria, so comparisons on a CFU basis cannot be made.

Serving Size:

1 Capsule


Proprietary blend – 620 mg        

Leonardite, A. agilis, A. citreus, A. globiformis, A. luteus, A. simplex, A. calcoaceticus, A. chroococcum, A. passpali, A. brasiliense, A. lipoferum, B. brevis, B. marcerans, B. pumilis, B. polymyxa, B. subtilis, Bact. lipolyticum, B. succinogenes, Brev. lipolyticum, B. stationis, K. zopfil, M. verrucaria, P. calcis, P. dentrificans, P. fluorescens, P. glathei, P. chrysosporium, S. fradiae, S. celluslosae, S. griseoflavus                       

Other Ingredients:

Cellulose (vegetarian capsule), L-leucine, Bamboo (Bambusa Vulgaris) Extract.   


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