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Prescript Biotics ™ – 90 Veg caps 500mg

There are over 100 trillion bacteria of 400 different species that can be found in the human gut — your digestive tract. Your body relies on these healthy “bugs” to digest your food, absorb your nutrients, and produce the B vitamins and enzymes needed to ensure your daily health. But every day, this delicate balance of good bacteria in the gut is at risk: poor diet, lack of fibre, excess alcohol, smoking, antibiotic use, little exercise and sleep, stress, and even environmental toxins can burden the gut. Every day, you need the help of a powerful probiotic to keep your gut bacteria in balance, regulate digestion, and ward off disease.

* Custom Cultured to Rebalance Good Gut Flora

* Supports Stronger Digestion, Immunity, and Overall Health

* Soil-Born Organisms (SBOs) Missing from the Modern Diet

* “Bio-Identical” SBO Probiotics Consortia™ with 22 Gut-Boosting Benefits!

IngredientsL Bifidobacterium Bifidum,B.Lichenformis, L.Acidophilus,L.Lactis, l.Casel, B.Subtilis, L.Rahmnosus and L.Plantarum, a superior formula of SBO’s (soil born Organism) Symbiotically blended in a proprietary nutrient rich host medium of Humic and Fluvid Acids. Other Ingredients Hypromellose (veggie Caps)

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