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Prof Masqueliers Anthogenol French Pine Bark

Professor Masquelier’s Original OPC Anthogenol is a powerful anti-oxidant backed by 60 years of research. Numerous scientific studies and investigations confirm the safety and extremely positive health-promoting properties of Anthogenol.

As a food supplement Anthogenol can:

Neutralise excess free radicals
Help maintain long term cell and tissue integrity (a vital factor in age management)
Help maintain healthy capiliaries and blood vessels – maintaining comfortable feeling legs and a healthy circulatory function in the eyes and skin.
Active Ingredients:
Anthogenol combines 2 authentic Masquelier’s products. The recommended dossage provide 75 (2 capsules) to 150 (4 capsules) milligrams of Masquelier’s Original OPC’s (providing single and oligomeric flavanols, active complex phytonutrients isolated from Vitis vinifera seeds) together with 25 (2 capsules) to 50 (4 capsules) milligrams of Masquelier’s french Pine Bark Complex (a botanical extract from Pinus maritima bark)

Microcristalline cellulose (excipient)
Hydroxypopylmethylcellulose (capsule)
Masquelier’s Original OPC (flavanols)
Masquelier’s French Pine Bark Extract
Recommended intake:
2 capsules once or twice daily. Not a substitute for a blanced and varied diet or for medicines. The recommended daily consumption intake must not be exceeded.

When pregnant or breast feeding, only use this product when advised by your qualified practitioner


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