Pronatura Original Kombucha Tea (33.8 fl oz (1000 ml)


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Pronatura Original Kombucha Tea (33.8 fl oz (1000 ml))
Genuine Dr. Sklenar Recipe Pleasant and Refreshing Regular use of Kombucha Tea can promote and boost your natural health defenses. The Kombucha fungus (fungus japonicus) is a living culture of different microorganisms and is grown and cultivated in a controlled environment. Original Kombucha Tea is made according to Dr. Sklenars original fermentation method. Since ancient times fermented beverages have been used as a part of healthful living. Pronaturas Original Kombucha Tea is made in Germany. It has been thoroughly tested and comes with a quality guarantee from certified food chemists. It contains active, living and therefore especially wholesome Kombucha cultures and high contents of important organic acids. The natural fermentation process is not interrupted after bottling. The slightly cloudy nature of Original Kombucha Tea comes from the Kombucha culture and is normal and a sign of vitality, a witness for wholesomeness and quality.

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