Prosta PHENO 525 mg Vegan 60 Capsules


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Prosta PHENO 525 mg Vegan 60 Capsules

Prosta PHENOL – The NEW IMPROVED Polyphenol-rich, daily food supplement. Each pot contains 60, 525mg Vegan Capsules crammed to the brim with 6 ultra pure ingredients, including a 22:1 Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols, 40% ECG, 70% Catechins), Pure Whole Clove Powder, Pure Peppermint Leaf Powder, Pure Whole Turmeric, Pure Whole Broccoli & Pure Whole Pomegranate. Hion Research Ltd have developed this advanced Polyphenol rich daily food supplement by combining a range of previous scientific studies with the latest advancements in nutritional analysis and ingredient sourcing. By utilising the power of an improved 22:1 Green Tea Extract along with the introduction of new Polyphenol rich ingredients, Prosta PHENOL is the next big thing to be packed into little capsules! Manufactured as a result of Hion Research Ltd reviewing numerous openly available scientific studies and combining their results to create the what they believe is the ultimate, ultra pure, Polyphenol-rich vegan food supplement. Just take a look at the ratios & the ingredients for yourself to see how much better it is!! Proudly researched, developed & manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Each pot contains 60 Vegan capsules all individually delivering 525mg of Hion’s ultra pure ingredients.
Whole Broccoli 150mg
Whole Turmeric 150mg
Whole Pomegranate 150mg
Green Tea Extract (22:1) 35mg (770mg equivalent)
Peppermint Leaves 20mg
Whole Crushed Cloves 20mg

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