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Prostate Plus+ Men’s Formula

 A powerful non-drug formula with activating enzymes for maximum absorption and therapeutic effect
A powerful non-drug, vitamin and mineral formula with activating enzymes for maximum absorption.

Maintenance Dose: 2 Capsules per day
Elevated Dose: 4 Capsules per day
Saturation Dose: 8 Capsules per day
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving Information 
 Amount per serving
 %Daily Value
Serenoa repens fruit PE 45%
 200 mg
Nettles Leaf Ext. Beta-sitosterols
 180 mg
Uva Ursi 20% arbutin
 108 mg
Graminex " G63
 108 mg
L-glutamic acid
 108 mg
D-alpha tocopherol
 100 IU
 90 mg
 90 mg
Lycored Beadlets 5%
 60 mg
Natural grown Vitamin B6
 48 mg
Natural grown Vitamin B2
 4 mg
Red Panax Ginseng ext.5%
 18 mg
L-OptiZinc 20%
 10 mg
Betatene 10%
 1230 iu *
Copper sebacate
 0.6 mg
 6000 DU
Protease 4.5
 18,000 HUT
 510 MU *
Glucoamylase  12AG *
Cellulase  510CU *

Lipase  1200LU (1800 FIP) *
Vitamin D3  1200IU 400IU
* % Daily Value not established.
In a base of Microcrystalline Cellulose Capsule

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