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PsoHerba cream 250 grams for treatment and soothing of skin irritations.

Our extensive research in the Dead Sea region has made us familiar with Therapeutic plants containing a high concentration of active ingredients with a beneficial effect on the health and outward appearance of the skin.

PsoHerba consists of a liquid extraction of these plants, with the addition of minerals and vitamins that are essential to the skins health.

It provides an ideal, safe and highly effective solution to problems of skin irritation, itching and flaking (all symptoms common in psoriasis).
PsoHerba also contains an optimally measured dosage of Vitamin D3, which is essential to the health and proper functioning of the skin. Vitamin D3 is produced naturally by the body during exposure to sun.
PsoHerba enables users to enjoy the beneficial effect of Vitamin D3 without need for prolonged exposure to harmful radiation. The quality, high concentration and combined benefits of PsoHerba’s ingredients result in a highly effective treatment for affected skin.
PsoHerba is simple to use, pleasant and assures positive results:
���� Soothing of the skin.
���� Significant improvement in appearance of skin.
���� Prevention of bacterial and fungal infections.
���� Provision of fatty acids essential to Psoriasis patients.
���� Slowing of accelerated cell division.
���� Prevention of itching and flaking.
PsoHerba contains no steroids or tar derivatives and is easy to apply & rapidly absorbed. Has a pleasant odour and does not stain.� Regular use over a period of time assures significant results and a considerable improvement in the appearance of the skin.
Directions for use:�
Clean the affected areas thoroughly and apply cream twice a day, morning and evening

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