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 Purelight UVC-Light Wand
The Purelight UVC-Light Wand uses 100% chemical-free UV-C sterilization to sanitize objects and surfaces.
The Purelight XD Ultraviolet Light Wand is the world’s most advanced germicidal wand, designed to help control disease-causing bacteria and viruses in your environment. The anti-microbial properties of UV-C Light (Ultraviolet Light – C Band) are well known to scientists and have been used since the 1930s to kill germs containing DNA and RNA (including bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold).
Given sufficient intensity and exposure it can kill most of the germs responsible for causing diseases in humans. UV-C Light is invisible to the human eye. It is at a higher frequency than the UV-A Light used in tanning salons. UV-C works by destroying the DNA and RNA (genetic material) of pathogens. Once the DNA in a pathogen has been destroyed, the micro-organism is either killed or deactivated. It can no longer function properly. It can no longer reproduce.
 It is also an exceptional environmentally-friendly germicidal tool, acting as a light-based disinfectant so that no harmful chemicals are needed. Therefore, there is no chemical residue, and moderate U/V exposure does not damage material.
Clinics/Hospitals/Nursery for Mother and new-born babies 
– You could easily sterilize medical appliances and other utensils used in hospitals and nursery for caring mothers and new-born babies. 
For Babies’ Supplies and Toys 
– Shed the UV rays evenly on the surface of bottles for milk and water, baby toys 
Pet’s Place 
– Shed the UV rays evenly on the pet’s place for about 20 seconds, you could destroy the fleas/bacteria/ticks. Use once a month. 
For bathroom 
– Hang the UV from the wall with its lights/rays 
Features of the Purelight wand
Laboratory tested in several countries including the UK.
Over 300,000 units in constant use world-wide.
Ideal for food preparation areas.
Ideal for computer keyboards and keypads.
No Chemicals.
Totally safe in any environment.
Special filter protects the user.
Mercury leakage if dropped stays within sealed unit.
Long life UVC bulb, 15,500 hours.
Re-Chargeable and portable.
Easily maintained.
Child safety features if used in the home.
UVC is a proven technology and a sure method of arresting any infection transfer in the work environment.
Company Name: Purelight Europe
Project name: Technology Validation Testing
Project No: 123982
Attention of: Andrew Felton
From the results of the first experiment it can be seen that overall the counts are higher on
the Plate Count Agar (PCA) than they are on the TBX. This can be attributed to the fact that
the cells are stressed or damaged and so find it harder to grow on the very selective TBX
Overall, the results from Experiment 1 indicate that the technology can afford a 2-4 log
reduction in numbers of E. coli present on the surfaces of the different tools, with the
exception of the Gridded Tool after 50 seconds.
The results from the second experiment indicated a sterilizing ability of 99.99% against all
five micro-organisms.
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