Qu-Chi Brown Band drug-free hayfever relief


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Qu-Chi Brown Band drug-free hayfever relief

‘The Original Qu-Chi Band’ for all year relief from allergic rhinitis and hayfever.

Conventional treatments (e.g. antihistamines) can cause side effects, interact with other medication or be contraindicated (e.g. breast feeding). Even non-sedating drugs don’t always work. The only drug-free solution to seasonal allergies, Qu-Chi works on the acupressure point that relieves symptoms of hayfever. Unlike medications, Qu-Chi does not cause drowsiness, is fast acting and does not interfere with other medications. It is also kinder to the environment, as one Qu-Chi band lasts for years.

Suitable for all ages, Qu-Chi can be worn all day and night and has no side effects. It can even be used all year round for non-hayfever related allergic rhinitis – it may even help with other allergies such as house dust-mite or pets.

Based on Acupuncture, which has been used
for thousands of years and is increasingly used by western doctors and hospitals, The Qu-Chi band has been developed to apply pressure to The LI-11 point, which has been used to help alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinits.

Drug-free, Natural product
Can be taken with other medication
Does not cause drowsiness
Fast acting
Suitable for all ages
Should be worn before symptoms start, but can be put on when symptoms first noticed.
Can be worn on either arm.
Can be worn at night to help with sleep problems
Can be used all year round for non-hayfever related allergic rhinitis – it may even help with other allergies such as house dust-mite or pets, although there has been no formal testing for this
The picture on the left shows the location of the Qu-Chi point. It is just at the outer end of the elbow crease that can be found when you bend your arm.

To put on the band:

Place the Qu-Chi band over the arm, with the button over the outer elbow, as close to the Qu-chi point as possible.
Ensure that one strap is above the elbow and the other is below the elbow.
Bend the elbow to ensure that the button is pressing on the outer end of the elbow crease.
Adjust the band to ensure a comfortable wearing position.
Q: What is the ‘Qu-Chi Band’?

A: The ‘Qu-Chi Band’ is a fabric band which is designed to sit at the elbow and exert pressure on the Li-11 acupuncture point by means of a plastic button.


Q: How can I be sure it works?

A: Airtight International Ltd has conducted trials to be sure that the ‘Qu-Chi Band’ helps with the symptoms of hayfever and allergic rhinitis. Also we have received so much exciting positive feedback. Take a look at our testimonials page.


Q: How do I use the ‘Qu-Chi Band’?

A: The ‘Qu-Chi Band’ can be worn on either arm. It should be worn before the symptoms begin, but can also be put on, once your symptoms begin. If you need an extra boost, just press on the button to give extra stimulation to the LI-11 point.


Q: What about my usual medication?

A: If you are on any long-term medication, then do not stop it without speaking to your doctor. If you use the occasional antihistamine to control your allergies, you may find that you do not need as many. It is perfectly safe to use both the ‘Qu-Chi Band’ and your usual medication.


Q: Who can use the ‘Qu-Chi Band’?

A: The ‘Qu-Chi Band’ can be worn by all age groups so long as it is a snug fit. We do advise that it is not used in pregnancy. If you are not sure, contact us to ask.


Q: What Should I expect from the band?
A: The ‘Qu-Chi Band’ works very quickly and there are no side effects.

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