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Sana Hemp Juice is 100% Natural Raw Hemp Juice.

EU approved and THC free hemp fields are grown and harvested in Netherlands by farmers with over 20 years of experience. No pesiticides or herbicides are used at all.
100% Natural
Rich With Omega 3 & 6
Full Of Vitamins & Minerals
The Highest Concentrated Dose Of Cannabidiol

THC Free

Highly concentrated hemp juice powder with 2510MG CBDa per 100gram, or 6,9MG CBDa per capsule

Does your product contain CBD (Cannabidiol)?
YES. Sana Hemp Juice, as most other hemp and cannabis varieties, does have a natural content of CBD in the form of CBD acid (or cannabidiolic acid is it is also called). In fact, the cannabis family, including industrial fiber hemp, is one of the only places in nature, where CBD/CBDA is found abundantly. Sana-hemp juice has 54mg CBD on 100ml hemp juice. The high proportion of CBDA is achieved by the use of special commercial hemp varieties for the Sana-hemp juice.

Sana Hemp Juice is an ideal choice for Detoxing & Cleansing – being nutritionally dense, packed
with antioxidants, and high in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes – it will help to hydrate and feed
the body’s cells, facilitating elimination of toxins, repair of tissues, rejuvenation of organs, leading
to the restoration of the body to a healthy balanced state.

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