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Remesense Sensitive Teeth Treatment 1 month supply
Remesense�Sensitive Teeth Treatment is a revolution in the way you deal with the difficulties of sensitive teeth.
Never again will you have to worry about using a toothpaste you don’t like, or wondering if your sensitive teeth pain will strike, instead you can rely on the Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment to keep you pain free, and enjoying the foods you love!
You’ll not find an easier to use treatment than Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment:
Place the active foam strips in the mouth tray provided
Put it in your mouth for just 10 minutes
You’re done!
Immediate relief without any fuss, you can go about your life without worrying if your sensitive teeth will stop you from enjoying your favourite food and drinks. What’s more, each 10 minute treatment can protect you for up to one month – in an instant!
Sensitive teeth are caused by small channels in your teeth called Dentinal Tubules. These tubules are exposed when the gums receed for many reasons, including acidic/fizzy drinks, gum disease, and even brushing too hard. Once exposed, they lead fluid directly to your dental nerve, which is how they transmit the pain of hot, cold, sweet and sour foods.
Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment works by sealing these tubules with Potassium Oxalate – which has been clinically proven to be the most effective formula for preventing the pain of sensitive teeth! It works in two ways to ensure you are pain free:
Small crystals of Oxalate form in the tubules, sealing them up and greatly reducing the flow of liquid, and so stopping the stimulus.
The potassium dulls the nerve, so that even if a small stimulus did get through, it would cause less pain.
Once your dentinal tubules are sealed, you can expect to be free from sensitive teeth pain for up to one month!
How does Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment work?
Savodent work in two ways, firstly it fills the exposed tubules with potassium, and then it seals them to prevent stimulation. This stops most stimuli from reaching the dental nerve, and reduces the sensitive teeth pain caused by any that do get through.
What areas of tooth sensitivity will Savodent treat?
Most people will have sensitive teeth pain in the forward regions of the mouth, however others may experience localised sensitivity at the sides of the mouth due to factors like brushing action.You can choose where to place the active foam strips in the mouth tray depending on the areas of sensitivity you have.
How long does the treatment last for?
One ten minute treatment typically eliminates tooth sensitivity for a month. In certain cases it may last much longer than this, in other cases it may last less than this. Whatever the outcome, Savodent is still an instant treatment, unlike toothpastes.
Why is potassium oxalate used?
Potassium oxalate has been shown to be the most effective formula for sealing dentinal tubules at the same time as reducing nerve excitation.
Is Savodent safe?
Yes, Savodent is perfectly safe. People who are monitoring their potassium intake will be happy to know that each strip of Savodent only contains 18.9mg of potassium – less than 5% of the amount found in a banana! As you don’t actively swallow the liquid, the amount ingested would actually be far lower than this anyway.
I’ve whitened my teeth and am experiencing sensitive teeth pain, will Savodent help?
Yes. Tooth whitening products can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, ranging from mild to extreme sensitive teeth pain. To reduce the pain, you can either use Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment prior to whitening as a preventative measure, or after the whitening procedure.
I’m due for a check up with my hygienist, but am worried about the pain I always get, can I use Savodent before my appointment?
Yes – simply use Savodent Sensitive Teeth Treatment the night before you are due in to block the pain of the visit. If you have specific teeth that are sensitive, locate the active foam strips in the double tray so that they are properly protected.
Aqua, Glycerin, Dipotassium Oxalate, Aroma, EDTA, BHT, Sodium Hydroxide

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