Revive Active Joint Complex 1 Month Supply


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Revive Active Joint Complex 1 Month Supply

Revive Active Joint Complex contains collagen, MSM, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine which are clinically proven to: Improve joint flexibility Reduce joint pain Repair cartilage Reduce inflammation Restore bone mineral density Stimulate bone cell growth.

Ingredients + Vitamins & Minerals Per 100g Per Sachet (9.09g) % RDA
Marine Collagen (Peptan) 55.0g 5000mg **
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan) 22.0g 2000mg **
Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 11.0g 1000mg **
Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) 1100mg 100mg **
Boron (Sodium Tetraborate) 38.5g 3.5mg **
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 2200mg 200mg 250%
Manganese (Manganese Citrate) 22mg 2mg 100%
Copper (Copper Gluconate) 2200mcg 200mcg 20%
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 220mcg 20mcg 400%

Nutritional Information Per 100g Per Sachet (9.09g) %RDA
Energy KJ 901KJ 195.60KJ
Energy kcal 216Kcal 46.07kcal
Fat 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 11.59g 1.14g
Of which Sugar 1.8g 0.18g
Starch 9.8g 0.96g
Protein 45.97g 4.5g
Salt 0.31g 0.03g

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