Revive Active Krill Oil 60caps


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Revive Active Krill Oil 60caps
Unlike traditional fish oil supplements, Revive Krill Oil is an extremely bioavailable source of EPA and DHA. Key to the enhanced absorption is the unique structure of the omega-3s. Fish oil omega-3s are found in a triglyceride form, which repel water impairing absorption in the digestive tract. Krill oil is found in a phospholipid form which attracts water promoting fast and efficient absorption.
Ingredients + Vitamins & Minerals Per 500gm Per 500gm
Per Serving Of 1 – 2 Soft Gels    
Marine Phospholipids 200mg 100mg
Total Omega-3 110mg 220mg
EPA  60mg 120mg
DHA  27.5 mg  55mg
Astaxanthin  40 µg  80µg
Omega-6 <10mg   <20mg
Omega-9  40 mg  80mg
Vitamin A   66 IU  133 IU (40 microgram)
Vitamin E  0,15 IU  0,3 IU (200 microgram)
Krill Oil composition: Krill oil extracted from Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba. The oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, most of which are attached to phospholipids. Krill Oil also contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin.
Softgel composition: Fish gelatin, glycerine and water 

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