reyvibe Saffron energy tonic 300ml


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reyvibe Saffron energy tonic 300ml

Why reyvibe :
Going about your daily life can take a toll on your energy and more importantly your health. Reyvibe is based on a traditional eastern herbal (Yunani- Tibb) recipe. A versatile energy drink that may help in providing you energy without over stimulating, and increasing your sense of happiness & well being.

Made from 100% natural ingredients these include �high energy’ foods such as organic raisins, honey and saffron. Together they are blended with a delicate infusion of aromatic herbs including cinnamon, cloves and ginger and take weeks to mature.

Hand made, under the guidance of qualified herbalists. This ensures the right energy, and expertise goes in to producing the best products available.

Reyvibe is particularly useful for people who lead an energy demanding lifestyle; however it is a safe tonic for the whole family to use on a daily basis

1-3 cap fulls added per cup of water to taste.
Summer: add to cold water for a refreshing cold drink.
Winter: add to warm water for a soothing warm drink.

Not suitable for diabetics

Purified Water, Vitis vinifera, Honey, Zingiber, officinalis, Syzgium aromaticum, Cinnamomum cassia, Cinchorium intybus, Crocus sativus, Valerian officianlis, Myristica fragrans.

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