Rio Catuaba 500mg 60 vegicaps


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Rio Catuaba 500mg 60 vegicaps

This famous Brazilian aphrodisiac is another tree bark and it comes from Anemopaegma mirandum, a Brazilian hardwood that flourishes in the north of the country.
It has a vigorous habit, ousting other species to form forests of Catuaba, and the roots burst up through the surface a few yards from the trunk and then travel over ground before plunging down into the soil again.
Traditionally, the tree-bark is gathered much as it is in the case of Lapacho, and the shredded fibre is made into an aromatic tea. It is also common for couples to leave a piece of bark to soak in a bottle of the local cane sugar rum, and allow the alcohol to draw the actives from the wood. This makes a quiet, gentle night-cap enjoyed by lovers of all ages.
It is also possible to get capsules of pure, shredded Catuaba bark. And for many people that is the dosage of choice, since the preparation of the tea is not as simple as with a simple leaf tea.
A course of several months is recommended, and usually after a period of between four to six weeks results in a rich, deep sleep… and an increase in erotic dreams.
Surprisingly perhaps for a legendary aphrodisiac, Catuaba is very calming, helping to reduce the hectic round of a stressful day, and putting us in the harmonious mood which makes the best start to an amorous evening.
In Brazil they say of Catuaba that Until a father reaches 60, the son is his. After that the son is Catuaba’s
Naturopaths frequently suggest the use of Catuaba in some of the following conditions:
Impotence, frigidity, tension, insomnia, muscular spasm, hypochondria.

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