Rio Rosa Mosqueta 50ml


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Rio Rosa Mosqueta 50ml

This beautiful wild Rose that grows high in the Andes Mountains has been one of the beauty secrets of Latin American women for centuries. It is known to botany as Rosa aff. Rubiginosa, but is generally called Rosa Mosqueta. The oil that is pressed from the rose-hips of this delicate flower is now available in Britain as a natural, unscented, pure and lovely beauty oil.

When used correctly, Rosa Mosqueta can help repair damage to the skin, and hold back the effects of the passing years. Properties The secret of Rosa Mosqueta’s astonishing regenerative effect has long been known to lie in its high natural content of essential fatty acids (linolenic and linoleic acids, known collectively as GLA) which are important skin nutrients for the rebirth of healthy cell membranes, and for other processes in the regeneration and repair of the skin. In fact Rio Rosa Mosqueta is many times richer in natural GLA than, for instance, Evening Primrose or Vitamin E oil, both of which are widely recommended by skin specialists for the care and attenuation of scars from acne, surgery and accidents, and for stretch marks. More recent research has shown that Rosa Mosqueta also contains Retinol. This is a valuable natural support for maintaining silky smooth skin, and is related to (but different from) Vitamin A.

Uses Rosa Mosqueta can be used for the care of the skin, both on the face and on the body. It is helpful wherever the complexion has been impaired, or where the skin has not properly recovered from the surface damage, poor health or the passage of time. Directions Rosa Mosqueta beauty oil should be applied to the surface of the skin several times a day, with just a few drops to the affected area. Gently massage the oil into the skin with a circular motion, taking care that it is properly absorbed into the lower layers. Repeat for as long as the problem is apparent.

Contraindications It is best not to use Rosa Mosqueta on live acne or very oily skin. However the oil may be used to attenuate the marks left by acne that has fully disappeared. Be aware that, like many oils Rosa Mosqueta can stain delicate clothing.

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