Rio Trading Guarana Jungle Elixir 1000mg 10 x 15ml phials


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Guarana Jungle Elixir 1000mg 10 x 15ml phials
The original guarana pick me up in a phial – 1000mg of pure guarana & vitamin E in each phial.
Guarana, a flowering plant from the Amazon rainforest, has been used for centuries to ward off fatigue and stimulate clear thinking. This natural stimulant helps you stay energetic and calm for many hours and is a good coffee substitute.
How it can help
A complex of natural stimulants, including some similar to caffeine but slower-acting, and others like the compounds in ginseng, help increase physical, mental and sexual energy and relieve fatigue. Used by Japanese long-distance lorry drivers to stay awake when driving. Reduces fluid retention appetite and increases metabolic rate. Relieves tension headache, PMS and period pains. Research shows it can increase energy levels and reduce the physical effects of stress.
Particularly good for:
Anyone needing to maintain high levels of energy for long periods, during convalescence, after childbirth; those who feel fatigued or under pressure.
1g (2 capsules) / daily is a single dose providing an energy boost lasting up to six hours. A further 2 capsules may be taken later in the day if needed.

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