Rosehip Powder


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Rosehip Powder

The dried rosehips have been ground to a fine powder which can be taken any way you like. We particularly like to put a spoonful into a smoothie, but it is just as great washed down with juice or water. Or how about sprinkling it on your yoghurt, cereal or oats in the morning? – that’s a healthy start to the day.

As an ingredient
If you love baking your own loaves of bread try adding app 50g of Rosehip Powder to the dough. Although the baking process will break down some of the nutrients in the rosehip it will still act as a baking agent because of the ascorbic acid, and you will get a lovely soft, orange loaf.

Smoothies – Prepare your preferred smoothie. Vegetables or fruity – it’s up to you. Before serving mix in a spoonful of Rosehip Powder to give your body some fibre which is often lacking in smoothies – fruit smoothies in particular.

From Argentina

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