Royal Green Whey Protein Isolate 600g


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Royal Green Whey Protein Isolate 600g
The name says it all. No mixture compiled using
various different lower quality proteins (concentrate,
caseinate, etc.), but only 100% pure whey
protein isolate. Royal Green Whey Protein Isolate
offers maximum bioavailability and delivers all the
important amino acids in the highest concentrated
form. It contains the lowest levels of carbohydrates,
fat and sugars and is therefore ideal for any
protein diet. Royal Green Whey Protein Isolate is
also important to build fat free muscle mass and
stimulates a quick recovery of muscle tissue.
Free of Aspartame & Sucralose
Royal Green Whey Protein Isolate tastes exactly like
Mother Nature intended. We are therefore proud
to announce that our product is 100% free of (synthetic)
sweeteners and flavours.
Advice: add some organic strawberries,
banana or chocolate to the blender and
enjoy a different taste sensation every
• Ideal for any protein diet.
• Helps with obesity.
• Counteracts muscle breakdown.
• Important for the build up of fat free
muscle mass.
• Speeds up the recovery of muscle tissue.
Amino acid profile per 100 grams of protein:
Essential amino acids: Isoleucine 7200 mg, Leucine
11300 mg, Valine 6400 mg, Lysine 10300 mg,
Methionine 2400 mg, Phenylalanine 3300 mg,
Threonine 7400 mg, Tryptophan 1900 mg.
Non-essential amino acids: Histidine 1900 mg,
Alanine 5600 mg, Arginine 2400 mg, Aspartic acid
11300 mg, Cysteine/cystine 2900 mg, Glutamic
acid 19000 mg, Glycine 1900 mg, Proline 6400
mg, Serine 5100 mg & Tyrosine 3400 mg.

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