Seagreens Culinary Ingredient 200 g granules


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Seagreens Culinary Ingredient 200 g granules
Seagreens – food from the ocean for everyday nourishment
Seagreens are outstanding vegetables even among seaweeds, in that nutritionally they are a complete food (a genuine ‘whole food’). They also provide the full range of micro vitamins and minerals.
Wild arctic wrack seaweed has been the subject of more research than any other kind because it has Nature’s broadest and most balanced range of nutrients. The balance of minerals particularly, bear remarkable similarities to that of our own cellular fluid.
Seagreens should not only be seen as an additional supplement to food but, included in the daily diet, as an underlying nutritional foundation upon which to restore and maintain a properly regulated system and a ‘clean’ bill of health.
Over time their unique and complete balance of nutrients helps regulate metabolism, digestion and weight, cleanse, detoxify and alkalise the blood and body, and then maintain regularity and balance throughout the system.
Just as the oceans maintain the nutritional balance in Nature, so these unique ocean vegetables can do the same for the human body.
For the wheat intolerant Seagreens vitamin E contains all the isomers otherwise found only in seeds like wheatgerm.
For vegans and vegetarians Seagreens are Nature’s finest source oforganic iodine.
Where salt should normally be restricted in many cases including candida, heart disease, ulcers, kidney damage, poor digestion and calcium deficiency, Seagreens, provide an alternative, healthy seasoning.
Seagreens Culinary Ingredient
Ready-milled grains of a single Seagreens wild Whistle wrack seaweed .

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