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Seagreens Food Granules 
Seagreens Food Granules are the same seaweed mix as in Seagreens Food Capsules, but in granular form.
Compared to land foods, Seagreens lose fewer nutrients in cooking, and none if included in salads or sprinkled on foods as a condiment.
For example, a teaspoon of Seagreens Granules in your daily diet has more iron than a plate of broccoli and more calcium than half a cup milk! Because Seagreens is rich in amino acids, it brings out the flavours of most foods. And the good news is that when Seagreens is included with carbohydrates, it helps reduce acidity and flatulence!
You can use Seagreens Food Granules extensively in the kitchen in your cooking.  
Today’s agriculture does not allow soil to enrich itself. The nutritional balance in our over-used soil is badly disturbed. Seagreens contain a comprehensive balance of all the nutrients missing in land grown foods, even organic foods are not as nutrient rich as they might be. Seagreens are so concentrated in minerals they can be used in recipes to provide a mineral foundation for better utilization of protein and other nutrients. 
Seagreens is also alkaline so it improves the digestion and metabolism of nutrients from other foods. Add a sprinkling of Seagreens granules to your baking, cooking, soups and salads and ensure that all of your family is getting their daily nutrition.
Seagreens food products are made from a unique blend of wild Arctic seaweed and represents a whole food that cannot be artificially formulated.
Seagreens naturally balanced range of nutrients is more comprehensive than land-grown foods, and is rich in all the micronutrients missing from processed foods, and even from organic land foods. Seagreens represents a progressive step forward from unbalanced, synthetic multivitamins as well as common kelp and other freshwater algae products whose nutritional profiles are less balanced than Seagreens.
Taken regularly, Seagreens balances the partial nutritional profile of other foods and maintains the body’s micronutrient levels on which digestion, immunity, metabolism, growth, health and vitality depend.
Stop worrying about the kid’s nutrition! 
Try sprinkling a few granules of Seagreens in their meals or even replace the salt on chips with Seagreens. 
Seagreens is quite definitely, a new approach to nutrition in the home. 
To ensure you regularly use Seagreens granules in your meals, leave the jar of Seagreens out on the kitchen worktop out of the sunlight. Remember to use it on your food.
Each jar contains 100 grams, a typical 3 month supply 

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