Seagreens Pet Granules


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Seagreens Pet Granules

Nutrient imbalance, micronutrients and mineral deficiencies and metabolic disorders are often rooted in inadequate natural forage, feed processing and ‘fashion trends’ in equine and pet feed formulation. Like human Seagreens, these easily digested seaweed granules help balance the animal’s nutritional profile, regulate metabolism, strengthen immunity and vitality and support the mineral balance in performance. Owners often notice a better coat and temperament (click on product info below image on left to see testimonials). Internally the granules enhance the value and absorption of other feed nutrients.

Normal dosage:-
200g lasts a large dog 2 months, a large working horse 20 days – for other pets follow directions on label.

Seagreens Pet Granules
Air dried granules of fresh Seagreens Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed sustainably harvested and approved for use in Biodynamic and organic foods. Nothing added or extracted.

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