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Seagreens Food Capsules  180 caps
Seagreens 100% vegetable Food Capsules contain a unique mixture of three varieties of Arctic wild wrack seaweeds (Pelvetia, Fucus and Ascophyllum). They have an optimum nutritional profile without the excessive iodine often associated with seaweeds such as common kelp, which is an obstacle to kelp’s effectiveness as a comprehensive nutritional product. Seagreens should not be confused with fresh water algæ (like Spirulina, blue green algæ and Chlorella) which are not ocean vegetables, though Spirulina may grow in partly saline water. These algae have widely differing nutritional profiles to Seagreens and are similar in many cases to land vegetables.
About Seagreens
Sea vegetables have long been known to be highly nutritious. Brown Artic algae are particularly nutrient dense, possibly because of their growing conditions. Unlike the deep water kelps they are shallow water weeds so are subject to intense photosynthesis (24 hour sunshine during the summer months), extreme cold in winter and the annual ‘culling’ of old seaweeds by the winter storms
But whatever the reason Artic seaweed has over the richest land grown vegetable greens;
200x more iron
8x more magnesium
100x more iodine
14x more calcium than cows milk.
However, it is arguable that it is not only the quantity of each nutrient in the Arctic wrack that is important, but that they are ideally balanced for human consumption, unlike some of the other seaweeds (such as kelp) which has too high an iodine content to be used on a regular basis.
Seagreens are sustainedly wild harvested without harm to the marine environment among remote conservation islands some 60 miles off the Arctic coast of Norway; the only ocean-to-table seaweed producer certified in accordance with EC biodynamic and organic standards, approved by Demeter and the Soil Association.
Seagreens is produced and processed to EC Demeter (International Biodynamic Agricultural Association) and satisfies the requirements of the Soil Association for Organic Farming & Production and Regulation for Certified Products.
What are the benefits of Seagreens?
Seagreens are a fantastic way of providing key nutrients, the lack of which are often the cause of many medical conditions. The research into Seagreens has shown solid and anecdotal evidence that the use of Seagreens can help with many conditions, including conditions such as;
Arthritic and rheumatic conditions, Autistic spectrum disorders, Cancer and chemo or radio therapy, Candidiasis, Carbohydrate metabolism, Cardiovascular problems, Cholesterol, Convalescence, Detoxification of heavy metals, Detox – whole body, Digestive disorders, Electrolyte imbalance, Fat and fatty acid metabolism, Fatigue syndrome disorders and ME, Herpes virus, High Blood Pressure, Hyperlipidemia, Immune disorders, Inflammatory disorders, Mineral imbalance, Nutritional imbalance, Obesity and metabolic disorders, Pregnancy and in recuperation following birth, Protein metabolism, Respiratory infections and conditions, Skin condition, hair and nails, Thyroid disorders, Weight regulation and energy.
4). Where do Seagreens come from?
Seagreens come from the Lofoten Islands which are to be found off the coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle. The islands themselves are part of a conservation area and therefore, the seaweeds themselves are sustainably harvested without harm to the environment in which they grow. There are three types of seaweeds which are used and they are allowed to grow for about three to four years before harvesting. Seagreens benefit from an optimal growing environment with the crystal clear, nutrient dense Arctic waters, 24 hour a day sunlight in the summer and intense cold during the winter.
5). What is so special about seaweed from the Arctic Ocean?
Brown seaweeds are the most nutritious of all the seaweeds found in the oceans. Arctic seaweeds especially have an amazingly wide breadth and balance of nutrients. These nutrients are impossible to recreate chemically.
15). Can vegans and vegetarians use Seagreens?
Seagreens are approved by the British Vegan and Vegetarian Societies.
A monthly supply (one jar) contains 180 X 500mg capsules.   
Seagreens Wild Seaweed Food Capsules
Fine milled organic wild wrack, Vegetable Capsule (vegetable carbohydrate gum, glycerine, water)

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