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Silicic acid is the active ingredient in Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel. Silicic acid is the mineral silicon (Si) combined with oxygen and water. What makes silicic acid gel so special, is its exceptional ability to bind water and secretions. The gel binds the fluid secreted by the cold sore blisters (herpes) naturally, drying them out and limiting the spread of the virus.

Tingling, burning and itching are relieved and the healing process accelerated.


Dab Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel carefully onto the affected areas of skin using an off-the-shelf cotton bud or clean fingertips.

Active ingredient:

2 g of Silicea Cold Sore Lip Gel contains 1.9 g of silica

Other components: hydrolite (pentylene glycol), carrageenan, α-bisabolol, potassium sorbate, solution of citric acid

Medical Device

Pack size:

2 g

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