Silicium G5 gel 150 ml


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Silicium G5 gel 150 ml

Balm External Use. Wide range of uses.Specially conceived for application in joints: cervicals, lumbars, knees, etc… It is a hypoallergenic gel which is highly valued in osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and cosmetic dermatology. It can be applied with a light massage or by leaving the product to act following the application of a fine layer. It can be used with hyperthermia, electrophoresis or ionocinesis equipment. It is extremely effective in improving flexibility, joint conditions or sports problems and also for cellulite and varicose veins. It stimulates also the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Monomethylsilanetriol G5, the patented active ingredient

It is an active ingredient developed by the French Doctor of Sciences and world silica-specialist, Le Ribault, following the studies of the chemist, Duffaut, who worked with molecules of medical interest for 40 years, particularly initial generation silanols. Le Ribault invented a procedure in which unsuspected characteristics of any particle could be discovered, such as the exact worldwide origin of a grain of sand depending on the silica dissolved on its surface. With the help of scanning electronic microscopes, he worked on the application of his system, which he called quartz exoscopy, in the oil industry, geology, forensic science and also in medicine.

The characteristics of this active ingredient are:

1.High capacity for the regeneration of the skin and the fibres of the soft tissues, specifically collagen, elastin and glycosaminglycans.
2.Application in many cosmetic and anti-ageing fields, among others.
3.Ability to reinforce the action of other elements (vitamins and minerals)
It is the active replenishment of bioavailable silica, the first and most effective on the market, developed by the father of the method, Professor Le Ribault. It is the most researched and perfected product, with more than 14 years of work in its constant improvement. It replenishes the tissues and cellular level with a supply of perfectly active and decisive organic molecules for the structure of the connective tissue regulating the bioelectric properties of the extra-cellular matrix. Replenishment with crystallized, mineral silica is totally ineffective

Healthy joints

Weakness of the bones, lack of mobility? The deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins from dietary errors (poor food combinations and the lack of the appropriate elimination of toxins) may lead to premature joint problems.
Silica promotes the deposit of calcium in the bones (See bibliography). It also increases osteoblastic activity and produces natural bone remineralization.� It forms part of the glycosaminglycans and collagen, to which it gives its structure. It acts as an activating element of prolylhydroxilase which is an essential enzyme for the synthesis of the 20 known types of collagen. As for cartilages, they can be improved extraordinarily. Schwarz demonstrated the presence of Silica combined with glycosaminglycans and its role in giving the cartilage structure and consistency.

Which well known scientists support the role of silica in these problems?
There are many, but we can cite for example Forrest H. Nielsen, in the magazine Nutrition TodayToday, it is evident that silica is deeply involved in bone formation and the composition of cartilage, the complete development of joint tissue, preventing its degeneration. A silica deficiency may be the cause of some serious joint problems

How does Silicium G5 Gel act on cellulite

1. Anti-lipid peroxidation action.
2. Antiglycation action (smoothing). It blocks the sugars and prevents their accumulation in the collagenic proteins, which reduces the rigidity of the collagen responsible for the appearance of dimpled skin. It also stimulates collagen synthesis. In this way, it combats ageing and the skin’s elasticity is enhanced.
3. Draining action. It increases capillary resistance, reduces its permeability and activates circulation, hence promoting the drainage of toxic substances and excess water.
4. Reaffirming action on the connective tissues. It stimulates collagen biosynthesis, which makes up the largest part of the skin and hence achieves a reaffirming action.

A study carried out on 50 women who had Silicium Gel applied on the upper part of the legs and gluteus using a special plastic for four weeks so that it continued working overnight showed a reduction in skin irregularities produced by cellulite. The appearance of the skin at the end of the test, via visual evaluation having taken photographs, was considered to be noticeably improved

Directions for use: Take a small amount of gel and spread a thin layer and leave it for 15 minutes. Then give a light massage until complete absortion. Repeat 3-4 times a day.
Packaging: Tube of 125 ml.

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