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Silicium G5 Liquid 1000 ml

Food supplement. Completely taken in by organism and inmediately bioavailable for the cells. Perfect non-colloidal solution with no presence of crystallization, shaking not necessary. Dr. Loc Le Ribault obtained the first drinkable organic silica in 1994. This product is the fifth generation of the oral organic silica (G5). It is easier to take in and more effective in its contribution of silica than any colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract high in silica and with none of the possible side effects of the above mentioned.
Due to the deficiency of this element in numerous people (Seaborn, Nielsen 1993, 2004), it is highly recommended for old, weak, convalenscent, tired people and also for sportspeople, as it helps to a general well-being. Silicium G5 is recommendable for:
Keeping joints supple and flexible, cartilage protection, bone development and calcium assimilation, rejuvenating tissue, healthy hair and nails, healing fractures, enhancing mineralization and promoting the rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin.
Physiological activity: It is known that our natural silica reserve decreases with age, and that is an essential trace element required to maintain a healthy body. It has the same metabolims as phosporus, magnesium and calcium. It allows calcium to be deposited in bone structure. It heps regain a greater elasticity to all our body tissues.

The silica provided by silicium acts on the reorganization of the architecture of the dermis by inducing an increase in the volume of the skin depressions by means of siloxanic bonds (Si-O-Si) between the glycoproteins. Silica is known to be a bonding agent of the four macromolecules that make up the connective tissue of the skin. It is a vital element in the three-dimensional, spatial structure of the skin, providing it with its mechanical properties. This volume increasing process is fully effective and exclusive to fifth generation organic silica.
-It has a stimulating action, skin renovation is faster.
-It improves the elasticity of the skin acting on the biosynthesis of elastin and collagen.
-It fights free radicals.
The connective tissues, such as the dermis, are characterized by the presence of an important extra-cellular matrix, consisting mainly of proteoglycans and glycosaminglycans, collagen and elastin fibres and structural glycoproteins. These elements are organized in such a way that a three dimensional mesh (supramolecular organization) is formed, which confers its mechanical properties to this type of tissues. It is known that silica is abonding element between these elements which make up the connective tissue by means of siloxanic bonds (Si-O-Si) and their presence influences the spatial structure.
Contrary to the filling products normally used in skin depressions, the silica provided by G5 acts on the reorganization of the architecture of the connective tissues.
The deficiency of organic silica from the age of forty produces significant drying of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.
The works of Zeller and Odier demonstrate the essential role of silica in terms of connective tissue. It has been observed that this is essential for the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres in the connective tissues. Any deficiency or impoverishment of these tissues involves a loss of elasticity and their integrity. The organic silica derivatives, particularly those provided by Silicium, are recommended for combating wrinkles, stretch marks, and enhancing the skin’s condition. G5 applied locally promotes the resorption of cellulite.

The organic silica provided by Silicium G5 stimulates the scalp and the pilosebaceous unit.
Diminishes seborrhoea, silicium G5 is a powerful antiseborreic.
Diminishes the appearance of cytotoxic endoperoxides.
Mantains the hydric balance of the scalp and hair follicles.
Reinforces the hair structure
Improves microcirculation
Develops an anti hair loss action
Accelerates capillary growth

It strengthens their structure
They don’t break so easily
It accelerates the growth rate

Ingredients: Water, Organic Silica (natural monomethyl silantriol).
Directions for use: Take 10 ml three times a day, between five and ten minutes before meals. It is beneficial even for old people, pregnant or lactating women. It is compatible with any other medicine or complement, although for greater effect it is not recommended to take both at once. Other than this, no precautions are to be taken as is a completely non-toxic product .
Packaging: 1.000 ml. bottle. Drinkable liquid, insipid. Estimated duration of the bottle: 5 weeks

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