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Silidyn Rejuventate
Silicon (Si) is the most common mineral on earth and makes up almost 28% of the earths crust. After oxygen, it is the most abundant element in the world. Silicon is proven through clinical research to be essential for good health.
with stabilised
Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA)
for superior bio-availability
Silidyn® is specially designed
to provide nutrients that are important
for supporting inner health
and outer beauty.
It is rich in Zinc and Selenium and
also contains Manganese.
Inner Health
Selenium and Zinc:
• Selenium helps support immune
system function.
• Selenium has an antioxidant
• Zinc helps maintain strong bones.
Outer beauty
Manganese and Zinc:
• Manganese helps in the maintenance
of connective tissue.
• Zinc contributes to the process of
cell division.
• Zinc helps maintain healthy hair,
skin and nails.
How to take Silidyn?
The key ingredient of Silidyn is stabilised silicic acid. The mixing of the Silidyn drops with water or juice is essential to turn the stabilised drops into a bio-available form.
Until the mixing takes place your body will not absorb the silicon.
This is the main problem with other silicon supplements which when taken are not actually being absorbed into the body, therefore not giving any benefits.
Take 8-10 drops daily, preferably before breakfast in (half) a glass (200ml) of water or juice.
Drink immediately.
Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.
What else does a daily dose of Silidyn Rejuvenate do for me?
A dose of 10 drops of Silidyn provides you with the following:
5mg – the key ingredient
30mg – 
6mg – 
0.6mg – 
0.50mg – 
55ug – 
0.4mg – 
25 ml
food supplement
Ingredients: purified water, sweetener(
carrier (Polyethylene glycol
400]), steviolglycoside), Methylsulfonylmethane
(MSM), zinc
chloride, silicic acid (gel), potassium
chloride, manganese citrate, boric
acid, maritime pine(Pinus pinaster
Soland) extract, acidity regulator
(citric acid), sodium selenate.
Net content: 25 ml.

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